Chien Couture

Tel 1: 07816 201290
Tel 2: 01392 661712

I am a British Artist and Masters graduate of Central St Martins. My work is inspired by familiar objects and interiors which subtly suggest a human presence. A world where inanimate objects have a nascent life and animals anthropomorphise.

My paintings are held in private collections internationally including that of world famous band 'Kings Of Leon'. I have been commissioned by The New York Times, The Illustrated Ape, American publication Meat Paper and British clothing brand Jigsaw.

My collection was recently featured in The World Of Interiors and in 2018 I was selected by Sky Arts Kate Bryan as one of 30 female artists to exhibit at The Other Art Fairs highlight London show 'Not 30%'.

Hand-painted, fine art printed and bespoke framed, all in the UK, commissions also taken.