About BCTF

The British Craft Trade Fair (BCTF) has been showcasing British designer-makers for 45 years.

The next live event runs 10 – 12 April 2022. Prior to that, our highly successful BCTF Online event takes place 27 June – 1 July 2021.

About BCTF
About BCTF

45 Years and still going strong

BCTF has been promoting exclusively British hand-made giftware longer than any other trade fair in the UK. If you want to buy unique, handmade work from the British Isles, BCTF offers you all the choice you need. With hundreds of makers, a vast range of products, and prices starting at just a few pounds, BCTF is a must-visit event!

Quality guaranteed!

BCTF is owned by Kerrison Exhibitions and is overseen by Margeret Bunn. Margeret is responsible for maintaining the fair’s high standards and selecting the makers that attend. Her passion for craft and art has seen her work with British designer-makers for more than 40 years. She has helped many hundreds of young makers take their first steps in dealing with trade buyers.

About BCTF

No mass-manufactured or imported goods!

All our exhibitors live and work in Great Britain or Ireland. Every potential exhibitor is screened to ensure they are making their work by hand in Great Britain or Ireland. Unlike so many other events, BCTF is not awash with cheap imports from all corners of the globe!

Open to retailers wanting to buy innovative and affordable British products.

Unlike other events, here at BCTF every visitor must register to receive an invitation and login details. All registrations are checked to ensure they are genuine businesses engaged in buying British Crafts.

Extra support for new makers

Our special Mentoring Programme prepares young makers to meet the exacting standards of our professional buyers.

Preparing for your first trade show can be a daunting prospect for a young or inexperienced maker, but here at BCTF, we go the extra mile to help new exhibitors reach the exacting standards demanded by our professional buyers.

Open for business 365 days a year!

Our online catalogue, BCTF Online, connects buyers with makers 24/7. Every exhibitor profile page features images, contact number and links through to their own website.

More than 12,000 have access to BCTF Online and many regularly visit the site to source new products, 365 days a year.